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Evil Eye and Hamsa Jewelry for protection from Evil Eye Curse

by Israel Depot

What do you think about the evil eye curse ? Do you believe it is real and tangible ? Well , many religions and cultures are united around this matter - Evil Eye curse is real and tangible and some people can even sense it.


Think about it ! All the people can be referred as generators of energy. If their thought are negative – they generate negative energy. This energy is a vector , it has a direction. If their negative thoughts wishes are about specific person – then this negative energy is pointed towards this person.


This energy is destructive and its intensity depends on the amount of energy the “bad wishing” is spending on the negative thinking. In order to protect themselves from this energy starring from the ancient times people wore amulets which were believed to be protecting from the evil eve curse. 


If we are talking about Jewish and Muslim religious – the most widely used amulet for protection from the evil eye is hamsa hand pendant , which is called hamesh (five) in Hebrew or often referred as Fatima Hand in Arabic . People included this symbol in the jewelry and that is how began the  line of the evil eye and hamsa jewelry.I saw many most beautiful hamsa hands which were made in different designs from gold, silver , opal , amethyst  , turquoise etc.




In Jewish religion it is very common to find the evil eyes bracelets made from Kabbalah red string with Hamsa amulets attached. In Kabbalah  (The Jewish mystical study ) it is believed that wool red string wounded around Rachel The Matriarch Tomb in Hebron , Israel and accompanied with special procedure of blessing it , provides very powerful protection from the Evi Eye curse. One need to place red string around wrist , and make seven knots . After each knot special “Ben Porat” prayer line is prounounced. he “Ben Porat” prayer is often referred as kabbalah red string prayer. Red string on wrist is the best protection from the evil eye , according to Kabbalah.   




Jewish religion has many other protective symbols. Among then you can jewelry with "Shema Israel" jewish prayer which is also placed in the Mezuzah ( Jewish doors guard) which is attached to the entry of Jewish Home. As well there is a necklace with Ana be Koach prayer ( which comes from Kabbalah) which is beloved to bring protection, healing and energy balancing properties to the wearer. 


Some of the jewelry includes combination of protective symbols, thus multiplying the protection power. For example there is a sterling 925 silver necklace with pendant which combines hamsa symbol, chai, symbol, david star ( magen david ) and ancient blessing from Psalms: "The Lord will guide your going out and our coming in from this time forth and forever".





Don't wait until it is too late. Protect yourself and your love ones from negative energy caused by envy , jealousy , hatred and other darkest human  feeling.

This article was published on Saturday 16 July, 2011.
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